How to install an addon?

Unzip the downloaded zip and move the unzipped folder into the addons directory of the radykal-fancy-gallery directory.

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How can I assign the plugins admin to different roles?

The plugin comes with a custom capability, that you can assign easily to your roles. You only need a plugin for assiging capabilities to roles. I recommend this one.


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How can I show the recent media at the beginning of my gallery?

1. Open radykal-fancy-gallery.php

2. Go to line 517:

$album_files = $this->wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM {$this->images_table_name} WHERE album_id='$album->ID' ORDER BY sort ASC"

3. Change ASC to DESC:

$album_files = $this->wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM {$this->images_table_name} WHERE album_id='$album->ID' ORDER BY sort DESC"


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How can I change the maximum upload size?

Open radyka-fancy-gallery.php and go to line 46:

$this->maximum_filesize = 1024 * 1000;

By default its set to 1MB, you set the value as byte value. Just change it to your desired size.

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How to load the necessary javascript files into an ajaxified theme?

1. Open radykal-fancy-gallery.php and go to line 34 line that starts with these lines:

public static $add_script = false; //loads the core js files
public static $add_pp_script = false; //loads prettyphoto js files
public static $add_fb_script = false; //loads fancybox js files
public static $add_inline_script = false; //loads inline js files

2. Set the first to true and also the variable(s) to true that are handling the loading of lightbox/inline gallery js files. So if you would like to use FancyBox, set $add_fb_script to true.

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Why is the media not shared on facebook when I like it?

When you like a media, the current showing url will be shared. The Like button shares always the current showing URL. Facebook checks the site if there are any open graph meta tags. These tags are set in the head of the HTML document, it stores amongst others the image that should be shown on facebook. If there are no open graph tags, facebook searchs for image in the site.

So if you would like to show the assoicated image on facebook, the image needs to be stored on an own page with an open graph image tag referring this image and thats not possible.

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How can I hide the social buttons in fancybox.

Add this to a css file, e.g. to the style.css of your theme:

.fancybox-title iframe, .fancybox-title .pin-it-button {
  display: none !important;

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I get a spinner icon on every page. How can I remove it?

Thats because another plugin or your theme is using an older version of fancybox. I am using the newest version of fancybox and a lot of themes are using fancybox V1. You need to choose another lightbox for fancy galleries or replace my fancybox package with the older version, but therefore you need some coding knowledge.

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I enabled the overlay gallery for prettphoto, but the thumbnails in the lightbox are still missing. What I am doing wrong?

Nothing. The overlay gallery are only working when having 20 images or less for an album. I am not the developer of prettyphoto and can not tell you how to enable it for more than 20 images.

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What kind of lightboxes does the plugin support?

You can choose between prettyphoto and fancybox as lightbox. You can also enable an inline gallery or just disable the gallery, so the media opens in the browser window.

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Under my thumbnail I get a question mark. How can I remove it?

Seems the shadow png could not be found. Just reset it via the options. There you can upload it again. More shadows images can be found in images/fancygallery/shadows folder of my plugin folder.Or just remove it at all in the options.

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How can I center the thumbnails so there is equal margin space on left and right of the gallery thumbnails?

Set the number of columns to a value higher than 0. For example if you would like to have 3 columns, just set it to 3.

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