Timthumb: Thumbnails are not displayed

Solution 1:
Go to admin folder in the radykal-fancy-gallery folder and remove all files inside the cache folder. Refresh your page!

Solution 2:
Set the CHMOD of the cache folder in radykal-fancy-gallery/admin to 777 or 755. Try both values. When you set the folder permission to 777, everyone have access to this folder and it can be manipulated by third-persons, so 755 is the best solution.

Solution 3:
Timthumb has problems to generate thumbnails from URLs with a tilde ~ . In most cases tildes are only used for test servers, so when you switch to a normal URL , it should work. I also found this blog post that explains how you can fix the tilde issue in the timthumb.php by yourself.

Solution 4:
Your server does not allow to use absolute pathes with timthumb. You need to set relative pathes. Here is one solution how to do that.

If the issue still remains, please check out the Troubleshooting secrets from the author of timthumb. #1 is very helpful: When you right-click on the thumbnail and copy the image url in a new tab, you will get an error page, that explains what you need to do to make timthumb working on your website.

Solution 5:
You add an image from your media library as thumbnail and you are running a network (Multisite)? Timthumb has problems to get images from the uploads folder, when running a network. To display the thumbnail, click on the edit icon of the thumbnail (The blue pencil at the top/left of each thumbnail in the “Manage galleries” admin).
Remove all characters till /wp-content/… of the thumbnail URL, e.g.  http://yourdomain.com/site/wp-content/uploads/sites/1/2014/02/image.jpg to /wp-content/uploads/sites/1/2014/02/image.jpg