You can also create galleries by just creating folders via a FTP tool and upload your images in these. That gives you the possibility to upload a lot of images to your web server via a FTP tool.



Browse to the fancygallery_dir directory in wp-content/uploads. Here you manage your galleries and images, that you would like to upload via a FTP tool. Please do not upload or edit any folders of the fancygallery directory in wp-content, that directory is used and managed for images that are uploaded via the “Manage galleries” administration.

First of all you have to create a folder in fancygallery_dir, each folder inside the fancygallery_dir stands for an own gallery. You can create unlimited gallery folders.


Next you have to create your albums, so just select one gallery folder and create or or more album folders. The names of the album folders will be used as album titles.


Now you can upload your images to the album folders. The file names will be used as titles.


Add gallery or album into page

To display a gallery or album from that fancygallery directory, you have to use shortcodes.

Show a gallery with all albums:

The gallery directory "NAME_OF_YOUR_GALLERY_FOLDER" does not exist!

Show a single album:

The gallery "NAME_OF_YOUR_GALLERY_FOLDER" or album directory "NAME_OF_YOUR_ALBUM_FOLDER" does not exist!

To customize a gallery with the options, that you can set in the wp admin. You only need the title of the gallery, that you created in the “Manage galleries” administration. My advice would be to create an empty gallery there and customize the options of it. Then use these options for the galleries which are managed via the fancygallery directory.

Use different options:

The gallery "NAME_OF_YOUR_GALLERY_FOLDER" or album directory "NAME_OF_YOUR_ALBUM_FOLDER" does not exist!

  • gallery_dir: The name of the gallery directory in fancygallery_dir directory
  • album_dir: The name of the album directory in gallery_dir directory *
  • gallery_options: The name of the gallery in the admin of which the options should be used *
  • colums: The number of colums. If set, it will override the number of colums value of the gallery_options *

* optional