2.3.4 – 13.5.2015

- Conflict with tooltip jquery plugin fixed
- Defined own css classes for the modal in the admin to avoid conflicts with other plugins
- Set maximum upload size to 10MB


2.3.3 – 22.7.2014

- Each of the 3 social buttons can be enabled/disabled separately
- Improved columns calculation, which will be also executed when window is resized
- Bug fixed: Loading thumbnail from vimeo if video url contains  https
- Bug fixed: Edit media thumbnail does not change the image url, only the hidden input value
- Bug fixed: Changing titles and save it did not work properly, when having more than 200 images in an album


2.3.2 – 8.2.2014

- Replaced secondThumb effect with filter. You can easily select between 5 different filter types and reverse them
- Improved the order of the options
- Now you can set the target window when using no gallery, so the media URL opens in a new/same window
- Fancybox updated to 2.1.5
- Now Fancybox is coming with the plugin. If you would like to use it in an commercial site, you don’t need to buy a license for it
- You can set the open/close/next/previous animation effect for fancybox in the options

//Bugs fixed
- When deleting an album/gallery the associated media urls were not deleted from the database
- Slashes are now stripped for the description in the admin
- Fixed a bug with loading the js files for the widgets
- When “Get titles from filenames” is checked, the titles were not saved when uploading, you have to save it fist. Now its saved when uploading.


2.3.1 – 14.1.2014

- Fixed a bug with prettyphoto social buttons
- Fixed some bugs when reordering the albums in the „Manage Galleries“ administration
- Fixed a jquery bug with prev() and next()
- Loading gif for the thumbnails

2.3.0 – 9.11.2013

- New nice flat design
- Improved performance, now only the requested thumbnails are loading
- New hover effects
- Only enqueue the necessary gallery scripts
- 7 predefined color themes for the navigation
- New effect: Direction Aware Hover Effect
- New technique to manage images: Drag and drop your images into a directory and create your galleries without the administration
- Now you can set an album thumbnail for the album selection
- Change media and thumbnail
- IE7 support dropped

2.2.0 – 23.5.2013

- Improved "Upload other media" process: When you enter a youtube or vimeo link, you will be asked to load the thumbnail from these platforms
- Now you can set the "All media selector" as first selected album
- You can set options as general options for all galleries
- You can set the columns via an attribute in the shortcode
- Columns functionality changed. Now you set there the max. amount of columns. When you set a value for columns, the column offset will be automatically calculated. Default is set to 0
- Default Social buttons included and description is now supported for fancybox
- New gallery layout: The inline gallery, that supports images, youtube, vimeo and mp4 videos
- Smaller thumbnails for the thumbnails selection
- Now you can set the width and height for the thumbnails when using album selection. You can also choice another style for it - the polaroid style
- Nicer dropdown style
- Now you can write a custom description for every album and using HTML tags in the description
- Now you can set the color for the border of the thumbnails-
- The scripts are now loaded into the footer

2.1.1 – 22.1.2013

- New dropdown
- Now you can set the media label for the album selection in the admin
- Now you can only show the first thumbnail of an album, that enables you to show a whole album in the lightbox from just one thumbnail.
- Fixed: The blank tooltip does not appear anymore in Webkit browsers(Safari, Chrome) and IE

2.1 – 20.12.2012

- Improved database structure for querying the databse even faster
- Special characters for gallery and album titles allowed, like cyrillic letters
- Origin image filename will be stored, instead a timestamp
- Get titles from filenames
- New colorpicker
- New option to set the number of columns

2.0 – 15.11.2012

- New Hover Effects with Timthumb like Grayscale and other image fiters
- New easier AJAX admin interface
- Gallery and album titles editable
- Move an album from a gallery into another gallery via Drag&Drop
- German Translation
- Display a single album from a gallery in a page or post
- Duplicate options for other galleries
- Multisite enabled
- A lot of new Options
- Decide between Fancybox and Lightbox

1.2.5 – 3.7.2012

- Secure Upload with Nonce. The security vulnerability is now fixed.
- Custom capability, which can be assigend to different roles.

1.2.4 – 22.4.2012

- The like and tweet buttons are now visible, which allows to share a single image on facebook or twitter, when deeplinking is enabled
- Now you can use HTML tags in the description
- Updated prettyphoto to V3.1.4

1.2.3 – 5.2.2012

- Inverse the hover effect, so all images are clear (no opacity) and then by hover, it gets the thumb opacity
- Set a hover image and the effect for it. 5 different effects: fade, l2r, r2l, t2b and b2t
- Now you can set the position of the arrows - top or bottom
- New widget to display the images of a single album in a widget area
- Now when you deactivate the plugin, all your galleries and settings will not be deleted

1.2.2 – 7.12.2011

- New Multiple Image Uploader - No more Flash, now HTML5 and Jquery
- Now you can set different options for each gallery
- Improved Upload Error Handling

1.2.1 – 22.10.2011

- Thumbnails will be created now with the timthumb script.
- New option to show the title the whole time.

1.2 – 1.9.2011

- Bug with special characters fixed
- Improved fancygallery script

1.1 – 26.7.2011

- Widget that allows to select a gallery and then the albums of the gallery will be listed. Each album will have has is own page.
- Improved error handling
- New scale mode: Crop
- New admin options: Title color, Row Offset, Column Offset, Show/hide divider, Show/hide dropdown, Enable/disable title slide, Remove shadow
- Option to show all images of album on the first page